Planning the Perfect Event

What are you planning for? Is it a baby shower, a birthday, gender reveal etc..
You’re in the right spot. I will tell you what you need so grab a pen and a paper. If you’re lazy your phone notes will do too.


When you’re making your invitation make sure you have all the necessary info down. Such as the event, where and when. I suggest giving these invitations out in advance.

A good app where you can make these invitations is called Punchbowl. It’s right from your phone and you can save and send it to who ever. If you want you can also ship them out but in my opinion that is a hassle on getting everybody’s address.


Balloons are a big part of decorating. They fill up the room but make sure they’re standing correctly because taking pictures will be a pain in the butt.
Backdrop on where you can take pictures. Don’t forget the little things such as the cups, cake or cupcake decorations. Flowers, a cocktail bar, little cute notes on the tables.


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First Birthday Cupcake Toppers. ONE Birthday Picks. Gold Glittered Princess First Birthday Party Decorations - 24CT
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For baby shower you can do games such as: what’s in your bag, who knows mom best, guesses about the baby etc…
Birthdays: who knows me best, drink every time someone says birthday or a certain word, 5 second game etc..

Time to party! Shot clock 21st birthday present for my birthday! Omg I would live this!
Jenga drinking game rules

Don’t forget to have fun!! I wanted to post this because my 21st birthday is coming soon and I had to deal with all of the planning etc… Let me know what you would like to see next. Like share and subscribe!! Be part of the blog family!!