Getting Rid of Old Clothes/ Donation Centers

I know, we hold on to our clothes for dear life! I didn’t know it, because all i could think of was…. I’ll wear it next year. Next year became 9 years later. You guys I had clothes i wore back home in Albania!

I felt weird letting them go, well they’re still in the garage in the corner still taking up space in the house. I need to let them go!

You might ask how did I clean my closet? It required a big mug of coffee and a lot of trash bags and courage.

The Process

  • When was the last time I wore it?
    • 3-9 years ago- throw
    • 1-2 years ago- keep
  • Throw Away
    • Can I sell it on Poshmark?
    • Yes- keep aside
    • No- donate
  • Keep
    • Blouse- hanger
    • Jeans- closet
    • Dresses- hanger
    • Bags- closet
    • Jackets- hanger

After doing this for 5 hours I practically threw out the majority of my closet out. I have so much space that you would think that I have no clothes! But all I could think of is room to grow. All i need is room for my shoes… thinking of shoes I need to throw some out.

Donating Clothes

Hubbard House Thrift Store(

Serving the Jacksonville area.

  • (904) 479-4155

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City Thrift

1. City Thrift

728 Edgewood Ave NJacksonville, FL 32254(904) 389-2635Thrift ShopsFurniture StoresWebsite

2. Thrift Store(

3851 Emerson St Ste 14Jacksonville, FL 32207(904) 398-1580Thrift ShopsResale ShopsWebsite

3. Jax Thrift Avenue

10029 San Jose BlvdJacksonville, FL 32257(904) 292-1055Thrift Shops

4. Thrift Center 2nd Set

3752 Blanding BlvdJacksonville, FL 32210(904) 438-5418Thrift ShopsSecond Hand Dealers

5. Goodwill Stores

(1)View all 38 Locations

11240 Beach BlvdJacksonville, FL 32246(904) 996-0131Thrift ShopsResale ShopsWebsite

As with most Goodwill’s, there are mainly clothes at this location. Very little furniture. Some books and an okay selection at that. A lot of sombre…

6. Visualsa New Thrift

121 E 8th StJacksonville, FL 32206(904) 647-9640Thrift Shops

7. Angel Aid Inc

3110 Beach BlvdJacksonville, FL 32207(904) 398-4882Thrift ShopsWebsite

8. One Stop Thrift Shop

3644 Post StJacksonville, FL 32205(904) 654-2207Thrift ShopsConsignment Service

9. Wow Ever

7842 Smyrna StJacksonville, FL 32208(904) 551-1374Thrift ShopsConsignment ServiceWebsite

10. CRM Thrift StoreB

5343 Normandy BlvdJacksonville, FL 32205(904) 421-5171Thrift Shops

11. Help A Child Thrift Store

8834 Shell Island Drjacksonville, FL 32216(904) 720-0000Thrift ShopsSecond Hand Dealers

12. Lane Avenue Upscale Resale

1491 Lane Ave SJacksonville, FL 32205(904) 800-2882Thrift ShopsConsignment Service

13. Salvation Army Family Store

10990 Beach BlvdJacksonville, FL 32246(904) 645-3919Thrift ShopsConsignment ServiceWebsite

Phoenix Thrift Shopp

14. Phoenix Thrift Shopp

10029 San Jose BlvdJacksonville, FL 32257(904) 292-1055Thrift ShopsResale ShopsWebsite

15. Thrifty Dollar

11017 Hood Rd SJacksonville, FL 32257(904) 683-1060Thrift ShopsResale Shops

16. The City Rescue Mission City Rescue Mission Thrift Store

5343 Chenango BlvdJacksonville, FL 32254(904) 421-5173Thrift ShopsWebsite

St Vincent De Paul Society

17. St Vincent De Paul Society

View all 3 Locations

3512 Beach BlvdJacksonville, FL 32207(904) 396-7473Thrift ShopsWebsite

18. Salvation Army Family Store

(2)View all 16 Locations

10900 Beach BlvdJacksonville, FL 32246(904) 641-2122Thrift ShopsWebsite

Have been there several times and learned Wed is wacky Wed and you get 1/2 off the ticket of furniture! You can’t beat that!

19. Al’s Thrift Shop

2014 Edgewood Ave NJacksonville, FL 32254(904) 786-7957Thrift ShopsUsed FurnitureWebsite

20. Okoa Refuge

2565 Phillips HwyJacksonville, FL 32207(904) 647-9931Thrift ShopsWebsite

A Fancy Find

21. A Fancy Find(

8781 Pinevalley LnJacksonville, FL 32244(904) 323-7562Thrift Shops

22. Nana’s Attic

5530 Timuquana RdJacksonville, FL 32210(904) 619-7459Thrift Shops

23. Noah’s Ark Thrift Store

15431 N Main StJacksonville, FL 32218(904) 757-4141Thrift Shops

24. Provisions Thrift Store

3574 Saint Augustine RdJacksonville, FL 32207(904) 304-0039Thrift Shops

25. Mz Tyna’s Thrift Store

3935 Toledo RdJacksonville, FL 32217(904) 636-8899Thrift ShopsConsignment Service

Angel Aid Thrift Store

8595 Beach BlvdJacksonville, FL 32216(904) 928-0040Thrift ShopsConsignment ServiceWebsite

26. Angel Aid Thrift Store(

2nd Chance Home Furnishings

27. 2nd Chance Home Furnishings(

12226 Beach Blvd Ste 1Jacksonville, FL 32246(904) 586-2947Thrift ShopsHome DecorAntiquesWebsite

Community Hospice Thrift Shop

28. Community Hospice Thrift Shop(

11173 Beach Blvd Fl 32246Jacksonville, FL 32246(904) 998-1718Thrift ShopsHospicesSecond Hand DealersWebsite

29. Goodwill Donation Center

View all 11 Locations

9680 Argyle Forest Blvd Ste 18Jacksonville, FL 32222(904) 908-8909Thrift ShopsCharitiesWebsiteAdd to mybook

30. America’s Heart Vet Aide Inc.(

11041 Beach BlvdJacksonville, FL 32246(904) 625-0080Thrift ShopsCharitiesClothing Stores