The Difference between the BOOK & Netflix Show YOU

Season 1

Characters in the Show

  • Joe Goldberg
  • Guinevere Beck
  • Paco, Joe’s young neighbor
  • Ethan, a bookstore clerk
  • Peach Salinger
  • Ron, the abusive boyfriend of Claudia and a parole officer
  • Annika, one of Beck’s friends
  • Lynn, another one of Beck’s friends
  • Claudia, Paco’s mother
  • Mr. Mooney
  • Dr. Nicky, Beck’s therapist
  • Professor Paul Leahy, Beck’s graduate school advisor 
  • Ben “Benji” Ashby

The Characters that DO NOT EXIST in the Book

  • Paco
  • Claudia
  • Ron
  • The professor

Differences from the Book VS Show

  • Beck communicates through email, not text messages.
  • Joe fires Ethan because he tells Beck where he lives.
    Beck shows up to Joe’s apartment and it’s messy, her stolen items all over the place. (underneath the cushions, handing behind the bathroom door etc.)
  • Joe never meets Becks friends, he only meets Peach.
  • Peaches and Beck’s other two friends do not get along with each other and they do not hang out.
  • When they go to pick up a bed, they go to Ikea and take the ferry.
  • Joe and Beck start talking; they go to the mall to return some of the clothes she purchased months ago because she is broke. Joe goes down on her in Macy’s dressing room.
  • Joe kills Benji and his ashes are Benji’s storage unit.
  • Benji’s family declares him dead thinking he fell off his boat.
  • Candice NEVER COMES BACK. Beck never encounters Candice’s friend to talk about her disappearance.
  • Joe and Beck break up.
  • A girl named Amy Adams shows up at the book store and buys a book with a stolen credit card. Joe doesn’t care because she is flirting with him.
  • Joe researches Amy but can’t come up with anything so he can not stalk her.
  • The bookstore gets robbed and Joe sees the robbers shoes. Ethan’s shoes.
  • Joe follows Beck to Peaches house but gets in a car accident. Injured he walks to the house and stalks Beck and here is here he pees in the jar.
  • A cop finds Joe’s car and later in the night finds Joe. Joe gives him a different name and he gets treated in a hospital near by.
  • Joe kills Peach while running on the seashore. Joe puts rocks in her pockets and throws her in the ocean.
  • Joe sends Beck an email from Peach saying she was leaving.
  • Joe and Beck get back together because Beck texts him after she finds out Peach “committed suicide”
  • Joe offers Beck to buy her a new laptop
  • Joe stops visiting Dr. Nicki (he only has his master’s not actually a doctor)
  • Beck continues to see Dr. Nicki
  • Beck finds out about Joe killing Benji in his apartment (box in the wall)
  • He locks her up in the cage and goes to get her laptop so she can watch movies from outside the cage.
  • Joe find a new laptop which Dr. Nicki bought for her. Beck sent him pictures and she have a new email which Joe couldn’t see.
  • They start reading books together. Beck in the cage and Joe outside of the cage.
  • One day, Joe goes to get ice cream and Beck is fully naked in the cage on all fours to seduce him.
  • They have sex and she run out of the cage to the front door but its locked and she can’t find the key.
  • Joe kills her and buries her at Dr. Nicki’s estate.
  • Joe never writes Becks book
  • Amy Adams stops at the store again and asks for a job
  • Joe gives her the job he starts to fall in love with Amy he trusts her because she has no social media
  • He gives her a key for the cage because someone important came by to see the books and she couldn’t show it to them
  • She catches Joe snooping at her phone
  • They go on vacation, when Joe wakes up, she’s gone, and she takes the books with her/sells them
  • He follows her to LA to kill her.

Have you read the books? Did you even know the show came from a book?

Hidden Bodies Vs YOU season 2 differences will be up soon!