Tips & Tricks to a Successful PoshMark

If you’re here because of my “Getting Rid of Old Clothes/Donation Centers” Blog, then welcome back! I know I mentioned selling some of the clothes on Poshmark but I didn’t find anything that I thought “this will sell.” Everything was so old 2000s old. If I wouldn’t buy it I wouldn’t post it, and this is how you know what I post is something I would buy!

How to Start?

All you have to do is download the app, then everything will come along.

What you’ll need!
  • Shipping Materials
    • Boxes/Poly Mailer
    • Labels
    • Thank you Stickers/ Cards
    • Tape

USPS has free boxes!!
Free shipping materials so you will not spend anything ordering them.

Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes Variety Pack - VARIETY FRB
Poly Mailer

I usually ship clothes with poly mailers, sometimes just poly mailers sometimes poly mailers within the boxes for more of a presentable look.

Shipping Labels

These labels are thick and sticky, they will not budge!

Thank you Stickers

Your buyer appreciates the little things. If a package is presentable they will know the inside is well taken care of.
I usually stick them on top of the poly mailer or the USPS box. I actually have special made ones just for me, I have my Poshmark closet name “I need more clothes, what I tell myself every morning” and also my Instagram @rominabojaxhi.


If you’re mailing boxes you’ll need tape, if you’re just shipping the poly mailers you won’t need it.

Ready for Pictures

Now taking pictures it’s the key to selling on Poshmark.

If you can find a picture of it online (on their websites) then use them! They are bright, and eye catching.

These two are actually on my Poshmark. I do use the website pictures it’s easy and not time consuming, but others that i couldn’t find pictures of I take them myself. They might not be as great as the websites one’s but I tried.

How to Take Pictures

Make sure they are laid against a flat blank area. A wall, floor etc.. Make sure you make a little photoshoot area with good lightning and props. For example, what shoes you would wear with the dress you’re selling, what outfit can you put together with that shirt etc…

Make sure you take a picture of the tag, front and back of the clothing. If it’s shoes take a picture of the soles.

Some of my Props

They look decent, but can be better. I am thinking in the next couple of days to redo the pictures because they might sell faster. Also share them, and participate on the “parties” it will be easier for people to discover your poshmark!

Want to sell clothes you do not wear anymore?! Download the app and make some money!