What You Should Know Before Booking Your Hair Appointment!

1. Know what you want before booking your appointment.

If you’re booking your appointment over the phone, the receptionist will ask you questions such as:
“How long/thick your hair?
Are you only getting root color or are you thinking of highlights?
If you’re doing highlights are you doing a partial foil or full?
If, you’re thinking of an ombre/baylage say that because the timing is different.
Also, let them know if you’re trimming your hair, if you’re leaving with your hair wet or blow-dried.

2. Timing

The reason why I mentioned how long/ thick your hair is, is because this will affect on how long your should last/ be booked for.
Also, if your hair is stubborn/have color in it this will effect the timing, it will take longer for your hair to process (to get to the preferred color)

Root Color: 30 min (put the color on) 30 min (for your color to process) 30 min (cut and blow dry.)
Partial Foil: 30 min, 30 min, 30 min
Full Foil: 45 min, 30 min process, 30 min
Ombre/Baylage: 2:30

PS Please just don’t be late!

3. Unwashed Hair Processes Color Better
4. Color Cannot Lighten Color.

You have to bleach it or use color remover. See Below

5. Color Correcting/Color Removal is Extra

If you have color in your hair and you’re wanting to go lighter I recommencement the color removal because it is safer for your hair and it will get you to your preferred color sooner than processing it multiple times which at the end of the day it will costs more

6. Cutting it is not complimentary with a Blow-dry

If you want your hair blown out it will be extra than just cutting it. How I like to explain it to other is: If you’re at work, working for another 15 to 20 minutes do you get paid for those minutes? Yes, yes you should get paid for those minutes!

Unless is a treatment like a Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Treatment etc…

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