Best Valentine’s Day Gifts


These are the gift, but don’t forget her flowers and chocolates. If you want to be extra throw some balloons in the mix and maybe a card. (write on the card tho)


Explore a new city, a drive is not a bad idea.


A girl can never have enough shoes, no matter how many she has! I would say pick red shoes just for the occasion.


We girls run out of perfume right after we buy, with those 100 sprays. I would say get her a perfume set which it will include a lotion, body spray etc.. Unless you’re allergic like my boyfriend is.


Purses are a big yes to a girls wardrobe, I would say pick an everyday bag. Like a shoulder bag or a cross body bag. Black or brown will do.


Matching anything really. Shoes like vans, Adidas, Nike. Shirts, underwear etc… Yes, there is a website that makes matching underwear sets. (you get a gift too you know I would say this is the best option)


She will appreciate anything that will make her relax.



Man love shoes, just make sure you know his shoe size especially if you’re ordering online. It will be a hustle returning and waiting again. Aka ask his mom.


You know well this gift is for both of you. If he smells good you will not let him go.


If your boyfriend, man, husband has a beard of course. There is this store at the town center that has everything for beards. Combs, shampoos,

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conditioners, leave in conditioner. You name it they have it!


If you want to get fancy, you can get him a watch, necklace, bracelet.