How Mani Marketing Can Change the Way You Do Business

If you’re a business owner you know that marketing your business is the key factor on how many sales you are going to generate. If you do not have a good presentation of your business how are you going to get costumers at your door/website?

We have Mani Marketing to the rescue. This is a marketing company that revamps how you present your business to your costumers. This company helps will building up your clientele.

I wanted to know more about this company so I sat down to give you guys an exclusive on why Mani Marketing should promote your business.

I had the chance to ask the CEO of the company AnaMaria Mertiri a couple of questions.

CEO AnaMaria Mertiri

Tell me about you, your background, school. How did you get here?

– My name is AnaMaria Mertiri. I was born in Greece, my parents are Albanian. Since at a young age I’ve always had an interest in anything that involves hands on or creative. At age 18 I knew makeup was my passion. I went to school for marketing to try to expand my marketing skills. 
I also travel and traveling and exploring different cultures comes the innovation of different ideas.

How did you come up with Mani Marketing?
I came up with Mani Marketing because I have helped out so many of my family and friends when it comes with ideas on how to expose their talents on social media. I always love to drive people towards success.
I love lifting people and helping then when they have creative ideas to make it big!

Does Mani have a special meaning?
– I got engaged October 12th, 2018 and I will be taking his last name. Mani will be my last name soon that is why it’s Mani Marketing.

What can your company do?
My company can help businesses world wide with tricks on how to use social media to promote its business and gain a bigger clientele.

What distinguishes you from other marketing companies?
A lot of companies focus more on marketing than perfecting their productivity or services. I want to be that extra helping hand to they can focus on perfecting their productivity which leads to more profit for their business.

Are you working on anything at the moment?
I am currently working with Salon Calypso, HairbySabrie, Ibrow Studios and Brow and Beauty Bar.

Her Makeup Company

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