Ibrows Studios

My experience at Ibrow Studios

I walked in her studio while she was sensitizing everything she could find. Her studio smells so good and the decor is like you’re walking at a show room at Ikea. She’s been open for a year now and plans on continuing her growing business. She’s a boss mom I would say.

I signed a contract which was a big packet but really professional. Like go girl!

The Process of My Eyebrows
  • She mapped out my desired shape, which is a full and arched brow.
  • After she created my desired shape she explained to me why the drawing of the eyebrows looked slightly off. Maria continued to explain how one of my eyebrow is higher than the other because it’s my expression brow so she had to lift my other eyebrow a bit up to match the other. I was in shock because I didn’t even have to tell her that one eyebrow is higher than the other.
  • Maria did the first pass of microblanding without numbing me.
  • After the first pass I sat with the numbing cream on for 20 minutes.

Guys when I tell you I didn’t feel a thing when she went over a second time you would be surprised! Maria advised me to come in for a touch up which I will definitely go in because these brows look a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Info About Ibow Studios

Artist: Maria Shkurtaj
Address: 12276 San Jose Blvd # 711, Jacksonville, FL 32223

Meet Maria and Her work @ibrowstudios_
Maria the Talented Artist and Boss

For more of her work visit her page on Instagram and Facebook!

Thank you guys for being a part of a microblanding journey once again! Stay tuned for new Blogs! Comment and Share!