Prom Dresses and Best Deals

One thing before I start this Blog is that yes what you’ve heard it’s true. I did get ditched my senior year of high school!

Prom Dresses

We all know the dress has to make a statement, a grand entry okay. This is our only time we can be Cinderella for one night and then go back to wearing jeans the next day. Just do not make the mistake of buying an expensive dress because YOU WILL WEAR IT FOR ONE NIGHT! There is so many amazing inexpensive dresses and I will tell you where to look for them! Plus its the memories you make not “yeah I wore this dress.”

Find comfortable shoes I’m telling you no one will see your shoes in that long dress. Wedges is the best thing you can do but sneakers are fine too lol why?! Because they will not be on your feet for more than 30 minutes. Dance!!
Find a light dress you do not want to hold that thing up while dancing.
Avoid a dress with a train because people will step on it.


A color that will extenuate your curves and make you feel more sexy and noticeable, but it’s worn a lot.


Will make you slimmer and hide your imperfections. Make you feel mysterious.


You need a good tan to pull a white dress off!


Reminds me of Royalty and finesse, classy aka lets go back to Cinderella. I have to show you this picture my sister took with her baby blue prom dress.

Best Deals

Check Amazon and Poshmark first! Then Websites such as Fashionova, Pretty Little Thing,


These are some of the first choices that popped up on Amazon and always check the reviews before buying.

Kate Kasin Women Sequin Bridesmaid Dress Sleeveless Maxi Evening Prom Dresses
Kate Kasin 29.99-54.99$
Lnxianee Women's Off Shoulder Prom Dresses Long Tulle Formal Evening Gowns

Lnxianee Women’s Off Shoulder 86.99$
JASY Women's Spaghetti Satin Long Black Prom Dresses with Pockets

Ellenhouse Women’s Long Satin 98.98$
Babyonline Women's Double V-Neck Tulle Appliques Long Evening Cocktail Gowns

Babyonline Women’s Double 69.99$


Tobi Dresses & Skirts - NWT Tobi Dress Size Small

NWT Tobi Dress Size Small   22$
Anny Lee Dresses & Skirts - Red Prom Dress

Red Prom Dress 180$
dillards Dresses & Skirts - Prom dress
Prom Dress 180$

By the way, if you’re interested in the red and light blue dress let me know I am selling them. I also have two other prom dresses on sale on my Poshmark. User:Rominabojaxhi


Night Under The Stars Embellished Gown - Mint


Pretty Little Thing

Black Straight Neck Maxi Dress image 1

Black Straight Neck Maxi Dress

Remember just have fun and dance your feet off! Memories you guys memories that’s all that matters down the line but go ahead and feel beautiful with your dress you fine wine!
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