Lasik Plus Experience

I’ve had glasses since I was 10 years old. Yes, I am bind as a bat. I can not see a thing without my glasses. Everything is blurry, and if I do not wear my glasses/contacts I immediately get a head ache. So, I’ve been blind for a decade now and I wanted a change. I actually ran out of contacts, that’s what pushed me to go and get it over with.

If you guys wear contacts, you know that after a year you need a new eye exam then you can order your new contacts. I definitely did not want to spend the money at the eye doctor for the exam and the contacts, so I decided to take the money I was going to spend on the exam and contacts elsewhere, where the results would last me forever. I decide to do Lasik Plus.

Booking the Appointment

  • It’s all online!! You do not have to take time out of your day to go in and schedule/fill out paper work etc. Guys I did all that on my phone at work!!

On their website they have a page where you can book your consultation and did I tell you the consultation is free! When you pick when the date of your appointment at the end they have a new patient file. That you can also fill in at work and submit it. No, printing necessary and taking it to your appointment.

Consultation Day

I was greeted at the door, and I was asked my name.
They confirmed my appointment and given an iPod to watch a video about Lasik and their procedures. No paperwork, just a video to watch!
I waited a couple of minutes after and then a nurse did my examination just like at the doctor office.
I had to read the letters on the wall, then look at the balloon and thank God there was no air shooting at your eye. You know what I’m talking about if you do eye exams every year. They also dilated my eyes to see if my eyes were healthy enough to do Lasik. After the exam I was headed to a different room to discuss the price how much it’s going to cost. We booked the appointment then I was seen by another doctor to confirm that my eyes were healthy to go ahead with the treatment.


You receive a discount if you schedule within a week and that is what I did. The more money I could save the better. You also receive a discount if you know someone who did Lasik before so mention my name for another $100 off.

Lasik Folder

They give you a folder with the instructions and the day to day after care and they also give you the paper work with you so you can read about it before signing. They also provide you with the information of your surgeon.

Day of the Procedure

  • You need a driver.
  • A nurse goes over the after care. How many times you need to put in the eye drops and the vitamins.
  • You sign the paperwork and any question you have will be answered prior to signing.
  • Then you book an appointment for the next day and one for a month.
  • After you pay for your procedure.

The Procedure

You are given this blue net to cover your hair and ears. You are advised to leave your phone or place it in airplane mode before entering the surgery room.

At first you meet your surgeon, she tells you what is going to happen and that she will walk you through it. Then they numb your eyes. (I hate people near my eyes guys I don’t let people do my mascara because I am scared so this to me was scary. )

The first machine is a bit nerve racking because everything goes black, but my surgeon kept telling me each step. She told me it will get blurry and afterwords it got blurry etc.

The second machine is the laser. You have to stare at this green light and then you can smell it. It smells like burned hair. (I was told each step of the procedure when I watched that video on my consultation day) This procedure probably took 15 minutes all together. They give you glasses that you need to wear 24 hours then you can switch to your favorite pair of sun glasses.

What’s in the Goody Bag?

blue cap due to new packaging

Pred- Gati

Is an antibiotic and steroid. You use it 4 times a day for a week

Image result for blink preservative eye drops

Blink Tears

The day of the surgery is per 30 minutes. For the rest of the month is 1-2 hours or when ever your eye needs it. (when it’s scratchy, when it burns etc) 3 boxed are given to you for a month supply.

Image result for hydro eye


4 vitamins per day. 2 breakfast, 2 dinner. They are advised to be taken after a meal.

Glasses for 24 hours inside and outside.

Image result for glasses lasik
Not so fashionable that’s why I switched to my glasses when posting my Instagram Story.

Goggles to sleep, so you won’t mess with your eyes.

Image result for lasik goggles
They’re so comfortable

A Day After the Procedure/Appointment

I booked an appointment a day after of my procedure. Yes, guys I could drive myself. I was done the same eye exam as the day of my consultation and guys I’m 20/20 and even better 15/20 which is better! I am so excited to tell you guys that i haven’t been wearing contacts or glasses for days and I couldn’t be happier. I have my one month appointment set up and I can’t wait for my vision to get better with time.

Frequently asked Questions

Was there any discomfort/pain/ anxiety since your eyes are open the whole entire time?

There’s no pain at all, you do not feel a thing. Anxiety yes, of course you have this machine shooting laser at your eye. I was so anxious but I had this nurse scratching my legs trying to distract me and keep me calm. They also give you stress balls.
At home I did have a panic attack because my body was not understanding that hey you have to let this happen to get better.

How much does it cost in total? Does insurance cover a percentage?

I paid $3,500 and some change. I got a discount of $1,200 from Lasik because I had insurance and because I scheduled within a week of my consultation. Insurance didn’t cover anything because they consider it “cosmetic surgery. “

What kind of numbing process do they use?

They use eye drops to numb your eyes. You can see everything they’re doing you just can’t feel a thing.

Can you drive afterwards?

After the procedure no, you need a driver. A day after the procedure yes, yes you can!

My Pictures

I’m so happy you guys were so interested in this procedure. I am so happy of this experience, because I can see! I hope that if you guys go ahead with this don’t hesitate to ask me anything. Like, Share and Subscribe!!