My 3 New Thrillers

I finally have the blog post up! 3 of my newest reads and addictions. As you guys know I love listening to my audible and yes these were my 3 of the extra credits I bought so of course the picks had to be amazing.

The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine
The Main Characters
  • Amber Patterson
  • Daphne Parrish
  • Jackson Parrish
  • 2 daughters of Daphne and Jackson

This book captivates readers because it talks about a young lady who wants it all and also wants the easy way out. She wants to take place of the rich wife in the perfect family. Nothing is what it seems from the outside. Be advise when entering the life of someone perfect on the outside.

The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson
The Main Characters
  • Ted Severson
  • Lily Kintner
  • Miranda Severson

This book talks about another hungry women that money is the first thing on mind. Her husband finds out she’s having an affair and a stranger on the plane on the way back home offers to help him murder her. The cat chasing the mouse the mouse to an unbelievable ending.

Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney
Main Characters
  • Amber Reynolds
  • Paul Reynolds
  • Sarah (Amber’s sister)

Out of these 3 books, this one is my favorite. I loved it so much more because the suspense and how it captivates you on connecting the dots. I loved it how it was laid out and it won’t confuse you with all the details.

I hope you enjoy my new book finds and hopefully out of these 3 you pick my favorite one to read! Let me know on the comments below what you’ll be reading next.