5 Ways to Start Your Day on a Positive Note

Having a Morning Routine
Wake up an Hour Early

This hour allows you to take time and focus on yourself. Such as:

  • Getting ready (shower, makeup, hair)
  • Eating breakfast (or making your lunch)
  • Getting to your destination on time
  • A daily journal with goals you would like to accomplish (keeps my goals fresh in my mind)

Have you ever realized that things start to go south when you’re on a rush? Well, if we avoid these inconveniences bright and early our day will go smooth and we won’t be angry so early in the day.

Having a Calendar

Being organized and knowing when will deadlines hit.

Having a To Do or Results List

When checking your calendar, make a To-do list that will help you reach your deadlines. The To Do list will help you be organized but also have a stress free week because you’re working on a project before the deadline hits. Also crossing things off that list will make you feel accomplished.

Free Time

The free time is not for you to be scrolling through social media, but to focus on yourself. Pampering yourself by reading a book or catching up on that show you always wanted to. This “free time” activity is your pat in the back of good job on crossing off your To-Do list.

Eating Healthy

Show your body that you love it by eating healthy and drinking your water; sometimes our body confuses being dehydrated as you’re being hungry. The food and water will keep you running longer and how good your body feels. Don’t underestimate eating clean because once you maintain that clean diet your body will recognize bad food and that cheat day will have you feeling nauseous. Your body will feel it and recognize that it’s because of the food once you teach your body what’s healthy.

The 5 habits will help you start your day on a good note. Feeling a bit stress free, more accomplished and rested. Do what you like doing and you can’t forget that you’re doing these practices on a belly full of healthy and tasty food.