Who Said Coffee?

Are you the person that has to have a cup of coffee each morning? And, if you don’t you’ll have one of those headaches, that Advil won’t do the trick.

If you’re one of those people stay tuned to “My Perfect Recipe of Coffee.”

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know what coffee I’m talking about. They call it a Greek Nescafe Frappe. It is so easy to make and so delicious to taste.

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What you need to make My Favorite Coffee!!!

This coffee is cold coffee, don’t worry you can make hot coffee with this also!

  • Nescafe
  • Sugar of your liking
  • Electric milk Frother
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Electric Milk Frother
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Creamer of your choice
  • Straw (necessary because you won’t taste the coffee but the bitter foam)

From cold water and ice just add hot water and of course no ice.

How To make your Frappe!

A tall glass, add a teaspoon of Nescafe. I usually add 2 packs of sugar but a teaspoon of sugar will do. Pour no more than a finger of water on the mix of Nescafe and sugar. Then use your electric milk frother to create the foam you see on top of my drinks (no its not whip cream) If you flip the glass upside down that foam won’t move I promise you. Then add your ice and then more water. I add creamer (hazelnut) to mine because it’s too strong for me. And yes a straw it’s necessary because that foam is bitter!

Let me know how you like your coffee on the comments below!