The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

Main Characters

  • Libby Jones
  • Henry & Martina Lamb (the parents)
  • Lucy Lamb- Stella and Marco (her kids)
  • Henry Lamb (Son of Henry & Martina Lamb)
  • Berdie & Justin
  • Clemency Thompson
  • Phin Thompson
  • David Thompson
  • Miller Roe

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My Review

This book is read/told in three points of views.
We first open up the story with Libby’s story. An adoptive child that inherits a house when she turns 25 years old. (present time)
We jump onto Lucy’s point of view her playing in south france with her two children Stella and Marco. (present time)
The third point of view we get to know Henry Lamb the oldest child of Martina and Henry Lamb. (past)
We get to know each character and how their stories intertwine. A twist and an ending that makes you wonder is there a second book coming out.

4.5 out of 5 Stars

I loved this book. I loved the story line and how each chapter from each character left you hanging and then you had to wait for the other characters stories to end to go back to the cliff hanging story. The book also had great messages throughout such as changes that happens slowly will go unnoticed and when you notice what happened you’ll be late.

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Book Quotes

β€œAll men are weak,’ said Phin.

‘That’s the whole bloody trouble with the world. Too weak to love properly. Too weak to be wrong.’

My breath caught at the power of this statement. I immediately knew it to be the truest thing I’d ever heard. The weakness of men lay at the root of every bad thing that had ever happened.”

β€œI know it sounds like it was all just a terrible disaster. Of course it does. Any situation involving four dead bodies is clearly far from ideal.”