New Year Resolution… 2019

New Year Resolution…. Maybe…. If I can keep up with them of course

Sounds like me

Who’s ready for all the gym membership adds. Not, me. How many of you guys have a gym membership and don’t go to the gym, or maybe not as often as you would like. Oh yeah, don’t forget the money going down the drain. Hold on I sound like your mother saying this. Let me start over…

Hello Everyone, & Please Cross Out Your New Years Resolution!

Okay, so we are not starting 2019 with a New Resolution. Lets call them GOALS that you would like to accomplish in 2019. This means “hey, no rush. If you don’t start in January you have the rest of the year to do it.” I feel like that keeps your mind in check saying “I haven’t failed if I didn’t accomplish this the first month of the year.”

Make a list.

Make your Goals Visual. Pictures work, phone wallpapers etc… As they say “SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT”

I made a list and I have visuals in my life. Like the 1$ bill on my ceiling, above my bed. (Read the Secret) I’m thinking of moving my dollar bill to somewhere I can actually see it, because I am blind as a bat aka I can’t see that far.

I did make my list, it has 12 things in it one of them says “have fun.” If you want to be organized with your goals. List them from goals that can be achieved in 3 months, 6 months, random ones, maybe plan them etc…

Your list should seem fun… traveling, accomplishments… you name it what do you want to do next?

Make your Goal list, but the key is to work on them bit by bit and go back to them. Remind yourself what’s on that list.