Why Lash Extensions Did Not Work for Me

I loved my lash extensions. They were big, fluffy and beautiful. They’re practical, if you do not wear makeup. As long as you have your eyelashes on, a fleek brow; you’re good to go. That is what I did. I got my eyebrows waxed and tinted (a brow on fleek.) I also did my eyelashes.

So I am thinking I can walk out the house like this with no problem and no effort put in it. Just wash you face you know? NOPE, stop right there you think you can wash your face like you’ve usually done your whole entire life? Nope, you thought wrong. Be gentle, don’t wet your eyebrows as much, don’t rub your eyes or pull on them.

Wow stop right there okay for me that is too much when it comes to my face/eye area. I am a clean freak when it comes to my face. I have an oily, not so perfect skin. I wash my face like there is no tomorrow. Plus I wear makeup. People consider it a glam look, to me it’s an every day look.

For example, I wear primer, eye-shadow & eyeliner. These all go on your eye… duh… where your eyelashes are on your way. You have to work around them meaning, spreading your primer its a hassle because blending it out with a beauty blender will make your eyelashes fall. Blending your eye-shadow with a brush will make your eyelashes fall because the swiping blending motion won’t work with those lashes on. Oh, and the worst part the eyeliner. You can’t get your eyeliner close enough to do a straight wing.

I loved my eyelashes, but there just not for me.

Eyelashes are a good investment, if you enjoy a little bit of blush and lip stick. If you’re into makeup I don’t think they will last as long as someone who doesn’t work with their eyes as much. For me, it was a hassle for some it might be but as I said this is why they didn’t work for me.

Where to Get Your Lashes/Brows Done At

Do you want great costumer service? A good environment to be at then I have the best places for you to check out. They care about their costumers!!

Favorite Places to go at are listed below. One is less inexpensive than the other one. Which if you know me, you know well I went for the cheaper place!

Lash Jax Studio
Luxus Clinical Esthetics

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Let me know about your experiences! How the eyelashes worked for you!

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