If He Had Been With Me by Laura Nowlin

Main Characters

  • Autumn
  • Finn
  • Jamie

Publisher’s Summary

If he had been with me, everything would have been different…

Autumn and Finn used to be inseparable. But then something changed. Or they changed. Now, they do their best to ignore each other. 

Autumn has her boyfriend, Jamie, and her close-knit group of friends. And Finn has become that boy at school, the one everyone wants to be around. 

That still doesn’t stop how Autumn feels every time she and Finn cross paths and the growing, nagging thought that maybe things could have been different. Maybe they should be together.

But come August, things will change forever. And as time passes, Autumn will be forced to confront how else life might have been different if they had never parted ways…

Recent Reviews

My Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

“If He Had Been With Me” is a young adult book. There is high school drama and puppy love. I do not think a high school relationship defines a person because there is so much life left to be lived. I understand that at the moment you think “oh this is it” Reading this from my perspective it just seems so off; that is why I would only recommend “If He Had Been With Me” to young adults around 15-18 yrs old.

Warning there this book talks about teen pregnancy and suicide.

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Book Quotes

I can see some of the roses still blooming in my mother´s garden. Brown on the edges and bright in other colors, their petals drooping downward, dying just as their lives have begun.
They stayed past their time, and I´ve realized that I have too.