The Difference & Similarities Between the Show & Book: “Behind Her Eyes”

Welcome to another Differences and Similarities Blog. This is my third comparison. I started with “You” by Caroline Kepnes, then “The Outsider” by Stephen King. When I read Behind Her Eyes, I was shaken but when I heard it was going to be a show on Netflix I was ecstatic. So, to tell you the least, I loved the show as much as the book which is surprising because usually your imagination is always better than someone else’s. Let’s get into it.

Main Characters


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  • The same characters as the book are in the show
  • Same environment/setting
  • Same plot twist

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  • The book goes chapter by chapter.
    • 1 chapter Louise
    • 1 chapter Adele
  • By the book being constructed this way, you know some of the twists of the story right away
    • Such as Adele spying on her husband
    • Adele knowing about Louise and you knowing that she knows. This gave the book that spice, knowing that Adele was bad from the beginning.
  • When Adele meets Louise
    • Adele is beautiful but the times she shows up to the gym with bruises on her body making Louise think that David was abusing her (before the black eye)
    • Adele starts losing a lot of weight she looks like a skeleton
    • The is no heroin involved in the book. The ending is different is because she wasn’t used to be so skinny to get out of the burning house.
  • Louise’s friend nor the other receptionist does not exist in the books.
  • The other woman that Adele spied on the show does not exist on the book
  • You read Rob’s story at the end.

I don’t want to spoil the show nor the book so I am staying vague on some of the details. But besides all, these are the differences, the show was pretty on point which I appreciate.