The Difference Between the BOOK & SHOW “The Outsider”

This post SPOILS the book and the show. If you would like to read the book review without spoilers visit my past blog post “The Outsider by Stephen King.”

The Main Characters

Ralph & Holly
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Terry Maitland
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The Cast

  • Holly Gibney & Andy
  • Det. Ralph & Jeannie Anderson
  • Howard (the lawyer)
  • Alec Pelly
  • Junis Sablo
  • Terry & Glory Maitland
  • Jack
  • Claude Bolton
  • Tamika (pregnant lady)
The Differences
  • Ralph’s son is dead 
  • 3 officers gets shot including Tamika. She is shot on the calf.
  • Ralph doesn’t miss a shot. He shoots the kid on the shoulder and head.
  • Mr. Peterson hangs himself in his bedroom on his fan. When he goes down his feet break the window. A woman running goes in the house to save him.
  • Detective Anderson goes to therapy.
  • Detective Anderson questions the kid that stole the white van. The kid lies to Ralph about not knowing the parking lot where he parked the van.
  • Snippet of prisoner 
  • Ralph and Alec go to meet Holly (in the book Holly investigates first then meets everyone) 
  • The guy in prison receives a drawing, which it says “Child Killer.”
  • Terry’s daughter tells her mo to call the detective (she doesn’t do it behind her back.) 
  • We find out that the prisoner is the guy who “murdered” the 2 girls in Maitland Ohio aka the nurse.
  • The prisoner commits suicide.
  • Holly reports over the phone bits of information to Ralph but leaves details out.
  • Holly follows the front desk nurse home and she gets pepper sprayed (no bribing involved.)
  • Ms. Maitland is looking for tutors because her daughters were expelled from school due to parents being uncomfortable.
  • At a restaurant this man harassed Ms. Maitland, Howard confronts him and Ralph escorts the man out. 
  • Holly meets with Terry’s dad.
  • Andy (surveillance at the parking lot where the van was parked) used to be a detective. Holly finds out and is asking for details in the murder case (2 girls)
  • Holly finds another person who committed a murder (woman NY)
  • The guy who stole the van calls the police station to talk to Ralph and tell him that he lied.
  • Holly visits the woman in prison the woman lies that she never met the man who killed the 2 girls (but she has and they had sex)
  • While she’s talking to the woman another lady that’s there visiting another prisoner slips Holly a note 
  • Holly visits the lady. The lady tells her about “el Cuco” she also talks about “the pain eater” and how who ever it’s killed it’s family dies as well. The kids are the main meal and the family is the dessert.
  • We see an empty house this guy sweeping  and a photo framed of a kid on the wall.
  • Flashbacks of Holly’s past Ralph’s past.
  • Jeannie sees the man in their house. She drops the glass of water and steps on it. She sits on the chair but “the outsider” does not show her the tattoos.
  • The glass is still there in the morning and she still has the cut on her foot.
  • Holly finds that empty house 
  • She goes to the graves and see this man, he has a scar on his neck and she takes a picture.
  • Ralph called Junis because his wife draws a sketch 
  • Tamika has a shower Ralph confront Jack and Tamika also confronts Jack to hold his son 
  • Holly sleeps with Andy he finds a piece of paper in the trash and looks up the people
  • The guy at the grave is on the news holly sees it when she’s waiting for the bus (Holly doesn’t like planes.)
  • Anderson looks at the picture his wife drew and the picture is the same as the guy who stole the van drew.
  • Jack picks up Holly they go for coffee, she’s skeptical.
  • Holly and Jack go to the meeting together.
  • Glory curses at Holly because she doesn’t believe her and neither does Ralph.
  • Jack offers to take Holly to the barn, she sees the mark on his neck while in the car. Holly escapes takes the car.
  • Ralph goes looking for her.
  • Glory goes back to work and then gets fired and decides to sue.
  • Claude the one who was scratched by Terry goes to see his brother (not mother.)
  • The officers detain Claude Bolton his brother goes to see what he did and they detain him as well.
  • Ralph and Holly pick Claude and his brother up from jail.
  • Jack drives “the outsider” around and feeds him (deer and a kid)
  • Explain to Claude what’s happening
  • We see this family going to a park with caves
  • A little carnival is happening with masks
  • The Outsider that looks kind of like Claude (he’s wearing a mask) tells the boy there’s caves takes him and the sister sees and screams to stop.
  • The crowd helps and “the outsider”runs the crowd take pictures and videos of the encounter.
  • Police shows up at Clauds brother house and Holly and Ralph take a look of the videos.
  • We see kids in a cave
  • Ralph interviews the kid, Holly and ate at the park trying to track it
  • Howard takes Claude away the get chicken 200 miles away so he won’t listen to other’s plans
  • Dad looks for the kids in the cave then asks for help
  • People go looking for the kids in the cave (this is in the past)
  • Holly, Alec, Junie and Ralph go to kill the outsider.
  • The lawyer stays home with the Bolton brothers
  • The brother tells Claude that Holly, Ralph, Junis and Alec are coming for the outsider and Claude goes “he’s in my head, now he knows they’re going to get him”
  • Howard, claude and the brother head out in the caves to help because the outsider now knows.
  • Alec, lawyer, Andy and Claude’s brother die in the shootout scene.
  • Claude goes in the cave after Holly and Ralph confronts the outsider
  • Claude shoots the outsider and the part of the cave collapse with Claude in it
  • The Outsider died Claude is alive they limp him out until Ralph sees the dead people and goes back to see the thing and make sure he’s dead.
  • Hilly comes back for Ralph

The End!