Didn’t See That Coming by Rachel Hollis

Didn’t See That Coming is Rachel’s 3rd book in the Self Development category, but compared to the other two this book is only written towards those who are putting their life together after a loss/big change in their lives that throws them off balance.

Rachel specifically mentions that if you do not see fit do not read the book. I picked up this book to support Rachel but also put my life back together after a big change such as moving to New Jersey.

I recommend this book to anyone who has gone through trauma, changes in their lives and want to learn more about themselves because this book has a lot of good messages hidden within.
That is why I have decided to write 3 more blogs pertaining this book and it’s chapters.

The blogs will be in 3 sections “What to Do Today” “What to Do Tomorrow” and “What to Do Forever” and these 3 sections have their own chapters that I will be discussing.

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Book Quotes

It’s impossible to walk through hell and leave it the same way you went in. Nobody walks through fire unscathed. You either burn up into ashes or you get forged in the flames and emerge as something new.

You are defined by what you turn that pain into.

It seems everyone would prefer that when we’re hurt or scared or uncertain that we don’t bother anyone else with it. Or at least keep our feelings at an “acceptable” level.

Picture of the book "Didn't See That Coming"