My 2020 Recap

This year has been hard for everyone but I have to see 2020 as a year where I found myself due to unfortunate circumstances. Not a year where I say “this year happened to me” but “a year that happened for me.”

A year where I learned how to value family, and instead of hustling for more, I learned to appreciate and enjoy what I had.


A month full of highs, due to my December 2019 engagement. Hustling at work and school because THIS IS my last semester of college. An incredible drive of “this is it” a couple more months of this and I am out in the world aChIeViNg tHe LiFe oF mY dReAmS.

PS keep in mind that I have planned 2020 to a T. Graduate college, move to NY, find my dream job, work, buy a house…


A month full of LOVE. No, it’s my 22nd birthday, my brother’s birthday our 3rd anniversary and of course we can’t forget Valentine’s Day.

PS i moved in with my fiance.


Covid-19, a month filled with uncertainties. Classes were canceled and work shut down. 1 week became 2 weeks and April here we go.


The stress of online classes, how do I work zoom? Older professors getting used to the website, updating homework and group projects. How will be able to take my exit exam? Klev’s birthday. Getting used to being at home 24/7. Learned how to bake and I also learned so many new recipes. Cooking every day because of boredom “I can be a housewife, I love staying home”


May 1st, 2020 Graduation Day at home, got ready wore my 2018 cap and gown (because mine was not shipped) Walked from the kitchen on the couch to “get my diploma” and there we go. A momentum in life taken by unfortunate times.


Work, finally back to work! I can dress up again feel like a human. Faik’s birthday a day to celebrate. Mom’s birthday! Thinking of the goals set, thinking of moving.


Our house is up for sale, a decision to move up north. Thought it would be pushed back to later because of how closed the north was and thought we would sell the house first but, no. Trying my best to see my family more often but also being afraid to see them because you wouldn’t want to expose them.


Packing like no tomorrow, I just know that next time when we move I am hiring someone to do it. August 19th, 2020 U-haul from Florida to New Jersey. So hard to say bye to family.

Cried the whole way to NJ the thought of not being able to pop up and hug mom in the morning before work, I used to do that when I moved out. I miss that.


First few weeks of getting used to NJ eh not so well. Missing family, my normal life. I want to explore, but no places to go because everything is closed. Appreciating what I have because so many people were suffering. Got a job.


Made my first big girl purchase. I bought my first car! Such a good feeling to have something of your own. Missing family more and more. Dad’s birthday and the first birthday that I couldn’t be there.
Facetime calls with mom.

Facetime calls with mom. Sitting in the car sobbing and all you could say is that I MISS YOU MOM.


Quit that job and started looking for something new. After so many rejections I started to look at other careers. Losing hope, wanting to go back home to the life I had before because starting from zero was something I couldn’t wrap my mind around. All I could tell myself was “your parents came from Albania without anything and made something beautiful and you can’t move to another state, you know the language you have a damn degree so suck it up” and that’s when the opportunity of my life landed at my doorstep (email) 1st Thanksgiving spent away. Thankful for my family, thankful for the new family, thankful for a year of growth and learning to appreciate what I have and be patient (just a little)


My degree got me my big girl job and what a job! Such a great month. 1st Christmas without my family. Backstory: since 2015 my family and I have been taking a Christmas picture sitting on our living room couch same spots and matching outfits (color-wise) This year I am faceting my family and I am complaining that they did not do Christmas like before why aren’t they dressed up? Mom: “you used to make us get ready and take pictures” I am like whatever. A couple of hours later I open my Facebook (out of nowhere because I barely use it) and the first picture I see on our living room couch, same picture, same poses, mom, dad, sissy, and bro but no me. When I tell you I sobbed, I SOBBED. All I could think of is how we have to scooch next to each other to fit and prop up my phone in a timer and try poses after poses to get the right picture. Next Year I am making it on that couch I swear. Anyway, it’s 12/31/2020 at 12:02 am. Happy New Year’s Eve and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s make this year a better one (crossing my fingers)