The Differences & Similarities between the Movie & Book: “The Woman in the Window”

Main Characters

  • Anna Fox
  • Ed & Olivia (Anna’s husband & daughter)
  • David Winter (tenant)
  • Jane & Allister Russell
  • Ethan Russell
  • Landy (the doctor)

Woman in the Window, Amy Adams as Anna Fox

On the left Allister Atkinson, on the right Detective Little

Ethan Russell

The Jane Russell Anna met

Jane Russell

David Winter, the tenant

Characters that DO NOT exist in the movie

  • Bina (physical therapist)
  • The kid that helps her get from the coffee shop to the house
  • No friends online such as grannie Lizzie

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SPOILERS on the Differences


The story line is the same until Anna watches “Jane Russell” get murdered.

After Jane gets murdered Anna goes outside with her umbrella again, she passes out & wakes up in the hospital. Ana goes outside to save Jane (for the first time) Anna passes out & wakes up in her house.
Anna starts researching the Russells, she finds out Atkinson was let go, his old assistant describes how his wife looks. Anna starts researching the Russells, she finds out Atkinson was fired and his assistant was murdered/jumped out of a 6 story building.
Anna follows Jane Russell at the coffee shop around the block and confronts her that she is not Jane.This never happens in the movie. Anna never gets out of her house besides when she was trying to save “Jane.”
Anna goes through David’s room to find the box cutter she lends, she sees the earring on his nightstand. David gets angry at Anna. Jane goes to find David but he’s not downstairs. She picks up his mail and finds out his on parole and he’s not supposed to be in NYC
Anna and David sleep together and that’s when he tells her that he is on parole. Anna and David never sleep together (ps he’s not as handsome as they make it on the book.)
Anna is never suicidal even though she finds out her husband and daughter are dead and they’re just in her head. Anna makes a suicide video after she thinks she’s going crazy and Jane she met does not exist.
Anna starts ignoring everyone Bina, her doctor, and the voices of her family.Anna talks to her doctor so he can take her off the medication he put her on.
Anna finds a photo of Jane she met on her camera when she was taking a picture of the street. She shows the photo to Ethan.Anna finds a photo of Jane she met on her phone. “Jane was reflected on the wine glass.” She shows the photo to David.
Ethan tells her that the woman she saw was his biological mother. He blames his adoptive mother Jane for killing Katie. David moves out.David tells Anna that the earring belonged to Katie, Ethan’s biological mother. Ethan shows up at her house injures David.
Ethan begs Anna not to go to the police without him warning his parents. He comes back in the night to kill her.Ethan murders David. Chases after Anna on the roof.
After Ethan dies she is still in her house not injured.Ethan dies Anna is injured.
6 months later she is talking to Bina if she can help her go outside again. She also talks to her online friends.9 months later Anna moved out of her house not agoraphobic anymore.

My Review of the Movie

I prefer the book rather than the movie, as I always say usually your imagination is better than someone else’s. Not a bad movie I feel like a lot was cut out. Such as Bina, the coffee shop meeting, the walk back home with the neighbor, online friends and the spying of her other neighbors. The book was elaborative and I feel like the movie was cut short. 6 / 10 for the movie, read the book it’s better.

The Woman in the Window by A.J Finn