Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney

Main Characters

  • Amelia
  • Adam
  • Robin
  • Henry

Publisher’s Summary

Things have been wrong with Mr. and Mrs. Wright for a long time. When Adam and Amelia win a weekend away to Scotland, it might be just what their marriage needs. Self-confessed workaholic and screenwriter Adam Wright has lived with face blindness his whole life. He can’t recognize friends or family, or even his own wife. 

Every anniversary the couple exchanges traditional gifts – paper, cotton, pottery, tin – and each year Adam’s wife writes him a letter that she never lets him read. Until now. They both know this weekend will make or break their marriage, but they didn’t randomly win this trip. One of them is lying, and someone doesn’t want them to live happily ever after. 

Ten years of marriage. Ten years of secrets. And an anniversary they will never forget. 

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My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Alice Feeney has done it again! This woman never disappoints. I have read all of her books and they’re all 5/5 stars. The grip she has on you by the first few chapters is insane. The way Alice writes will keep you guessing and let me tell you; you will never guess the ending. Rock Paper Scissor is a psychological thriller that will keep you up at night. I recommend all of her books you can never go wrong with an Alice Feeney book.

Also, this woman has most of her books in production to become movies or shows.

Linking below all of the book reviews. Chose your next poison carefully once you start reading you’ll be addicted.

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Book Quotes

“But then, isn’t love like breathing? Isn’t it instinct? Something we’re born knowing how to do? Or is love like speaking French? If nobody teaches you, you’ll never be fluent, and if you don’t practice you forget how…”

― Alice Feeney, Rock Paper Scissors

“But I have realized recently that words are just words, a series of letters, arranged in a certain order, most likely in the language we were assigned at birth. People are careless with their words nowadays. They throw them away in a text or a tweet, they write them, pretend to read them, twist them, misquote them, lie with, without, and about them. They steal them, then they give them away. Worst of all, they forget them. Words are only a value if we remember how to feel what they mean.”

― Alice Feeney, Rock Paper Scissors