How to Style Unwashed Hair

If you guys saw my Instagram story while I was cleaning my room I think you guys saw how my hair was, then after a couple of hours, you guys saw a sleek bun. Yes, our unwashed hair can still look cute and make us feel like 100 bucks!

I also wanted to write this because after my LASIK procedure I had to let my eyes heal and. I left my hair unwashed for 4 days and that’s a while for me. I wash my hair every 2 days because my hair is super oily as you guys saw on my Hair Products Blog Post. Then when I took a shower you guys I got shampoo in my eye!!! I panicked okay so another 4 days to go so I can complete a week after LASIK surgery. Yeah, so 4 days is a lot so I had to style my hair different ways to make me feel/look put together. So, I came up with this Blog because I know washing our hair can be a lot sometimes or just times consuming.

A lot of dry shampoo required, then lets style this bad boy!

A Sleek Bun

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This kind of bun makes me feel put together, and classy. With a pair of long earrings or little earring, this bun can hide your unwashed hair into a classy mess.

  • You’ll need a lot of hair spray or moose
  • A round brush to get over the knots and make a smooth layer
  • 2 Hair ties
  • A foundation bun
  • A lot of bobby bins

A Messy Bun

Photo by Ana Francisconi from Pexels

This is a classic messy bun in our era, everyone wears this kind of messy bun around the house aka probably sleeps in one too but who said it can’t be cute. This messy bun can be pulled off with a cute outfit. As long as your outfit or makeup is on point forget the hair!

  • With this look you can get rid of the brush, bobby pins and all
  • You’ll just need the hair ties and the bun foundation
  • You can bobby pin anything to your liking

French Braid

Image result for french braid

This is such an easy look to pull if you have the arms for it. I know well I can not do this on my hair because my arms get too tired, you too I know don’t lie to me. This hairstyle can say hey, I tried but not really. Hides your unwashed hair into a tangled cute mess.

Teased Pony Tail

Image result for high teased ponytail

I used to pull this off so many times of the week when I didn’t have bangs, you guys! If you haven’t seen Jojo’s Fletcher ponytail that’s the goal okay, to have a ponytail look like that! Messy but so cute! By the way, if her fiance can do her ponytail we can too!!

  • A comb for the teasing
  • Hair-tie

Sleek Ponytail

Image result for sleek back ponytail

I rock this hairstyle probably once a week. It’s super easy and out of your way. The hair wrapped around the hair-tie completes this look and makes it thought out not just a regular ponytail.

  • Hairspray/moose
  • Hair-tie
  • Round brush for the knots
  • Bobby pin to pin back the hair that will be wrapped around the hair-tie.

I hope you guys enjoyed my humor and also tag me on these easy hairstyles! Instagram is liked below! Wish me luck on me trying to wash my hair later. Like, comment and subscribe!