My SheIn Purchase

On my last blog post I mentioned how I was struggling to find the right summer wedges. I got a lot of messages letting me know where you guys got your wedges at. I got messages suggesting Nordstrom Rack, DSW and even SheIn.

I looked them up and got results such as these.

Nordstrom Rack

As I mentioned I didn’t want to purchase shoes online because I didn’t know how they would fit etc… Well, I actually purchased a pair of wedges/platform shoes online on the SheIn website. Not a pair make that two pairs of shoes and… a couple of dresses.

I didn’t want to pay for the shipping and if you exceed $50 you get free shipping so that is exactly what I did.

My 2 pair of shoes cost $41.59 and let me show you the beauties.

How are these $41, well I purchased them on Memorial Weekend and got a $5 off!

The Dresses

Ditsy Floral Flounce Trim Surplice Dress
Was $17.00 Purchased: $6.48
SHEIN Dalmatian Print Off Shoulder Slit Hem Dress
Was: $16.00 Purchased: $6.48
SHEIN Leopard Print Bodycon Cami Dress
Was: $7.00 Purchased: $6.48

As you guys can tell I definitely got a deal on this purchases and I ended up spending not $50 but $70.

I am currently waiting for my order and I will definitely do a SheIn Hawl on my Instagram story.

So follow me on Instagram to check out my stories! Let me know if you’ve purchased any of these dresses or shoes!