The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

Main Characters

  • The Wife (second wife)
  • Seth (the husband)
  • Hannah (third wife)
  • Regina (first wife)

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My Review

The point of view of this book is from the second wife.
At the beginning of the book you sympathise with the main character, because she expresses her insecurities and how she got to the point she is today. The Wife (2nd) also shows us the love she has for her husband and why feels that she’s not good enough to be the only one on her husband’s life. One day she finds a piece of paper on his jacket finding his third wife’s’ name, Hannah. Hannah is a young and pregnant, something that the second wife does not possess. She decides to befriend her until one day she notices bruises on her arms. The story is laid out perfectly because you will try to guess the ending, you’re trying to picture the villain of the book but you can’t because the proof and story is not lining up perfectly.

4 out of 5 Stars

I loved this book the ending caught me by surprised and definitely wasn’t expecting it but I kind of wished it added up to what the storyline was leading to and not had that twist at the end.

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Book Quotes

“Women are stuck in a cycle of insecurity perpetuated by the way men treat them, and we are constantly fighting to prove to ourselves and everyone else that we are okay.”

“Fighting was the sandpaper that smoothed out the first years of a relationship. Sure, there was still plenty of lifelong grit after that, but the fighting stripped everything down, let the other person know what was important to you.”

“We busy ourselves trying not to be lonely, trying to find purpose in careers, and lovers, and children, but at any moment, those things we work so hard to possess could be taken from us.”