20 Things To Do While In Quarantine

1. Binge Watch A Show

Some Shows I would Recommend:
  1. Stranger Things
  2. The Witcher
  3. Money Heist
  4. Lock & Key
  5. Riverdale
  6. Love is Blind
  7. OA
  8. Good Girls
  9. YOU
  10. Criminal Minds

2. Board Games/Games

Board Games I Would Recommend
  1. Uno
  2. Pocker
  3. What do you Meme
  4. Cards Against Humanity
  5. Family Feud Card

3. Spring Cleaning

The best feeling is relaxing in a clean house! Do it you’ll feel so much better afterwards, also it might take the whole day so that is definitely as less boring day.
I would also recommend listening to music, a podcast or a book while cleaning. It’ll make it go by quicker.

4. Declutter your Closet

I did a closet declutter when I moved in with my man so this is off the list for me but cleaning out your closet can also make you some money. Sell your unwanted clothes on Poshmark, Mercari or Ebay.

5. Paint your nails

Nail salons have been closed for a while now, so get yourself a little kit on amazon and do your own and let me tell you practice makes perfect.

6. Read A Book

You know this is what I would be doing most of the time! I have so many book suggestions and so many reviews up so i’ll link some below

  1. The Silent Patient Alex Michaelides
  2. Behind Her Eyes by Sara Pinborough
  3. An Anonymous Girl Geer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen
  4. Verity by Colleen Hoover
  5. Sometime I lie by Alice Feeney
  6. Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson
  7. I know who you are by Alice Feeney
  8. Girl, Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis
  9. Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis
  10. The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

7. Clean your photo gallery

This can take 5, 15 minutes of your day so clean out your old screenshots and clean some space on your phone. Maybe, you can also transfer some to a laptop/computer for safe keeping.

8. Journaling

I have a morning routine that involves writing down 5 things I am grateful for. This is not big things like “I’m grateful for my family etc…” It’s things such as “I loved my cup of coffee, the great conversation I had with this person, I’m grateful for this person letting me over in the freeway etc…”

After your 5 greatful things that happened yesterday list 10 dreams you have like you have already accomplished. Such as, I want to run a marathon. You would write it as I ran a marathon.

Then at the end of the day (or during) journal your day, and your feeling. This is so helpful when you suffer from anxiety or depression.

9. Move your Body for 30 Minutes

If you do not work out this is a great exercise. Moving for 30 minutes can be cleaning for 30 minutes, going for a walk, or make some dancing tik tocks.

10. Make that to Die For Recipe

Food, I know you need to quarantine yourself from the fridge but listen to me. If you’re full you won’t need a snack in the middle of the day. (Make that Fab 4 Smoothie) Also set out time for cooking a meal you’ve been dying to make but you’re too tired to make after work. Now you have time, make it and enjoy it with a glass of wine.

11. Rewatch your favorite movie

Take yourself back in time and watch your favorite movies, mine is The Notebook.

12. Disney Movies

I mean I do this once every 3 months. I can’t find a good show/movie I rewatch my favorite Disney movies like Hercules. Ps. if you have Disney Plus you’re in good hands. I swear one of these days I want to rewatch Tom and Jerry.

13. Home Spa Day

Listen to me this does not fall with the nails, this is haircare and skincare. Throw on a deep conditioning mask, facemask. Treat yourself even though you’re stuck inside. Do your hair, a little makeup. I know we’re not going anywhere but it will make you feel better about youself.

14. Make your Hobby a Business/Start a Youtube Channel/ Make a Blog

This will take the most time out of all these “things” on this list. If you want to start, start now since you have a lot of time on your hands. Watch, and google on how to start. If you have any blogging questions I am free to answer all of them don’t be scared to reach out via a comment or dm on Instagram.

15. Update LinkedIn/Resume

16. Meal Prep

If you do not want to cook all week/figure out what to eat meal prep them Sunday to have for the rest of the week.

17. Call a Your Grandparents

18. Make Tik Tocks

I just downloaded the app and now it has me wanting to do tick toks because I have nothing better to do.

19. Finish your Homework/Projects

Get them out of the way, i know not fun but rather finish them all now and enjoy the rest of your quarantine time.

20. Take a Nap

Today I took the first nap of the day. I think I should take a nap everyday (it reminds me of that 2pm in Albania when that’s sleep time for everybody.)