My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell

Main Characters
  • Vanessa Wye
  • Jacob Strane
  • Taylor Birch
  • Vanessa’s Partent’s
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My Review
5 / 5 STARS

This book hits a nerve. This book gets you on your feelings. You will get mad, angry, upset and then it will make you understand. Then when you get to the understanding part you have to shake it off because you can not understand. It’s manipulation, you’re making this story in your head this is rape. This book is so well written and it gives examples PTSD, daydreaming and so much more.

I listened on Audible and at the end there is a section with the author’s interview and the narrator. It explains how the story was written throughout the years and how the narrator walked in Vanessa’s life to make her a more realistic in the voice of a teenager/woman.

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Book Quotes

“Girls in those stories are always victims, and I am not. And it doesn’t have anything to do with what Strane did or didn’t do to me when I was younger. I’m not a victim because I never wanted to be, and If I didn’t want to be, then I’m not. That’s how it works. The difference between rape and sex is state of mind. You can’t rape the willing, right?”

― Kate Elizabeth Russell, My Dark Vanessa

“I can’t lose the thing I’ve held onto for so long, you know?” My face twists up from the pain of pushing it out. “I just really need it to be a love story, you know? I really, really need it to be that.”

“I know,” she says.

“Because if it isn’t a love story, then what is it”? I look to her glassy eyes, her face of wide open empathy. “It’s my life,” I say. “This has been my whole life.”

― Kate Elizabeth Russell, My Dark Vanessa