Tips About Flying

I’ve flied a lot the past two years. As you guys know I was in a long distance relationship. I say was because now the love of my live lives 5 minutes away from me. Progress, I know!

I decided to write this because I am flying to New York this weekend and I am making a check list on what needs to be done prior to my flight aka shave, tan etc…
I’ll give you guys a sneak peek of my List and I hope mine will help you in deciding outfits and little things you might never know about! Like charger heads (Europe Trips)

Carry on

  1. Get yourself a good carry-on. Oh, by the way good doesn’t mean expensive in my book and I would definitely say don’t buy a $300 suitcase because it will look like it was $5 after multiple trips. Save your money!

Yes, don’t just bring a small bag on the plane. How about you bring them both plus its free! Make everything fit in there (if you can of course)
I purchased my carry-on at Burlington Coat Factory they have great quantity suitcases.

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I say that because my carry-on had to go on the back of a plane from USA to Turkey and the Albania. (Europe has different size carryons check that out before flying) It went through a lot because the other luggages were ripped and damaged, mine looked brand new!


  1. Do yourself a favor and Do NOT buy a black suitcase. You know how many black suitcases go around the carousels! Get a bring color or any weird suitcase that you can stop from a mile away!
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  • Yes, tags work but your definitely will be checking a lot of tags.
    Dad: “Do you see a white ribbon on that one?”
  • Another Tip is that if you lose your luggage make sure you remember the brand and what it looks like because it will make it so much easier for the airline to ship it to your house. (Yes we lost 2 luggages from the Turkish Airline)

My List Before A Trip

  • Shower
  • Homework done before
  • Laptop if studying
  • Outfits (check the weather)
  • Makeup Bag (I make a list going down every makeup step)
  • Deodorant
  • Home clothes, underwear, bras
  • Hair brush
  • Toothbrush
  • Comfy shoes and that complete the outfits
  • Tickets
  • ID/wallet
  • Charger/Portable charger (look below for Europe charger heads)
  • Headphones for the plane
  • Games/books
  • Hair straighter (In Europe it will burn after 2 uses because the power voltage is stronger)

Charger Heads

Europe has different plugs the first time we went back home to Albania I totally forgot that the plugs were different. 5 of us had to share chargers which that is the most annoying thing ever.

Amazon had every single on of them! Just Google it.