Best Audible Reads

As you guys know I’ve been a member of the Audible family for a long time! I started it because of Nicole Guirrero and of course started with the first 30 day free trial! Who doesn’t like a free book, that you do not have to read but just listen to it. Listen to it in the car, doing chores etc. We’re busy women we do not have time to sit down and read were always go go go!

If you’re one of us busy independent women, mom or a college student that can definitely not read for fun then Audible is for you! These are some of the books that I love with my whole heart, that kept me guessing and emotionally invested.

It Ends with Us- by Coleen Hoover

Két könyvmoly világa! :): Colleen Hoover-It Ends With Us-Velünk véget ér
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This story is full of suspense. I loved this book because I felt like I knew her. The excuses made by her reminded of me of myself. My anger started building towards the main character because I new what would happen with time and how it gets worse from there and never better.

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An Anonymous Girl- by Green Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

Anonymous Girl - by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen (Hardcover)
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This book is just twisted and mysterious. You don’t know who to believe because the lies people tell you seem so real and have an explanation behind it so calculative and manipulative. This book keeps you guessing on who was it!

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Verity- by Coleen Hoover

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When I tell y’all I almost screamed at the ending you wouldn’t believe me. This book had me with my chest red because of how angry and frustrated I was. Why? How? Then the ending caught me by surprise because I was not expecting the tragedy.

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The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient (Audiobook) by Alex Michaelides |
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I know we can only read a book at a time and if you want to use the 30 day free trial then pick THIS BOOK!!

This book is mysterious thriller, it keeps you guessing but the answers are so greatly hidden and where, right in front of our eyes!

Btw the author read the book but he is English. This is the first english accent that was barrable plus it just made it more mysterious.

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You guys have been with me through the journey of Audible and trying to find good books and have seen some of these reviews on my Instagram Story but I wanted to give you guys a summary of what is in my finished library!

My Next Read

The Good Daughter- by Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter - The Good Daughter | Booking Good Read
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