The Gift of Fear; Survival Signs


  1. Always in response to something
  2. Has your best interest at heart

Intuition is always right but your interpretation of intuition is not always right.

Read the statement above again if these points listed below raise an eyebrow

Forced Teaming


“… we have a hungry cat up there.”
“… we’re in the same boat.”
“… both of us…”

These are examples of forced teaming, including themselves in your situation so you feel companison.” Just always remember this is a stranger that approached me, take precautions.

Charm and Niceness

to charm- to compel
Always remember “he’s trying to charm me” not “he’s charming.”

Too Many Details

Distracting you from the obvious (being uncomfortable)
Don’t lose sight of he’s a stranger that approached me.


Slight insult to make you respond.

“Don’t be such a bi*** not everyone is out there to get you”
“You’re probably someone who doesn’t read much…”
“You’re too snobbish to talk to me…”

You might win the argument but might lose something greater later.

Loan Sharking

Offers assistance but collect more than debt

This reminds me of Ted Bundy even though he was the one asking for help with the face cast.

The Unsolicited Promise

The promise is the most reliable signal

Why he promises? Because he can see you’re not convinced, he says so himself by promising.
When you hear a promise remind yourself “thank you for reminding me that I doubt you.”

Discounting the Word No

Refusal to hear no when you say you do not need help.

No is a complete sentence.

About the Author

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“The 64-year-old de Becker is an established security expert, who founded a private security firm used by federal agencies to protect government officials and public figures. He’s also something of a celebrity in his own right: De Becker consulted in the criminal prosecution of OJ Simpson, wrote a New York Times-bestselling book, assisted President Ronald Reagan with security, and made two appearances on “Oprah” to discuss his work.”

Gavin de Becker Agency (GDBA) is a National Security Service-Provider whose clients include:

  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Department of Justice, United States Marshall
  • Defense Intelligence Agency
  • United States Capitol Police
  • SEAL of the Supreme Court of the United States

His Oprah Interviews